Brazilian Organics Producers

Organics Brasil is a program conducted by Organis – Organics Promotion Association, a non-profit organization aimed at promoting the Brazilian organic sector. With this program, Organis seeks to promote its members and their products in the global market.

The Organics Brasil program was created in 2005 from an initiative by Apex-Brasil – Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency, and implemented through an agreement with IPD – Institute of Development Promotion.

Promoting the Brazilian Organic Segment

Organis was created to gather information, disseminate and promote the interests of the production chain of organic products in Brazil. The entity brings together producers, processors, companies, cooperatives, associations, and entrepreneurs, in an institutional effort to identify commercial opportunities and encourage the consumption of organic products.

In addition to the Organics Brasil program, Organis conducts other initiatives targeting international buyers, retail professionals, producers, suppliers, and final consumers.

Opportunities in the International Market

Currently, the Organics Brasil Program aims at detecting and publicizing the opportunities for institutional and commercial promotion of the Brazilian organic sector. We try to keep our associates informed about the strategic possibilities, offering support to Brazilian producers and suppliers interested in promoting their exports. Today, Organis boasts more than 70 associated companies, which offer more than 1,000 fresh, semi-processed and industrialized products, in the categories of food, beverages, cosmetics and PET, and others.

The Organics Brasil program is part of the history of organics in Brazil and has contributed to the continuous improvement of Brazilian production. We are proud to be part of a successful route that continues to be built by Organis and its associates.

Organis´ Objectives

  • Bring together Brazilian companies, producers, and suppliers of the agricultural, agroecological, agroindustrial, cosmetics, and textile segments.
  • Carry out international actions to promote products associated with the program to stimulate business generation.
  • Be present at the most representative Brazilian trade fairs in the sector and guide its members on how to participate in the international fairs.
  • Bring the concepts related to organic production and the nature of this type of product to the attention of the general public and the press.
  • Conduct market research on the habits, preferences, and trends of organic consumers.
  • Act as a reference for consumers, retailers, and producers that are looking for information about organics.
  • Promote the consumption of organics through the dissemination of their collective benefits and for people´s health.
  • Act as a business platform, gathering and providing information on producers who are organic buyers all over Brazil.